Free – quality – back links is just another SEO myth. If you can’t afford investing money you must consider investing time and effort.

Exposing good content to an info-hungry audience takes time for building momentum, thus a sustained presence in the social environment of your niche is mandatory.

The best strategy for generating exposure for your site is to abandon back link chase and concentrate on publishing quality blocks of content, informational products or just a well optimized cool new site to mark your presence online.

You’re probably well acquainted with the classic link sources but in this article I’ll try to broaden your perspective with a few more pieces to the puzzle:

1. Untapped places to syndicate content to.

2. Under-the-radar methods for getting backlinks from independent websites

3. Social media as a link provider

1. Broadening Content Syndication

Although linking opportunities may sprinkle in every corner of your niche market, in most cases your eagerness isn’t met with the same feelings by your potential partners.

You stand a good chance of acceptance if you show yourself available for a writing gig that will be placed on their site, of course with a link back to your website.

You could further empower your offer by presenting a sample of the future content. This proves to be a sound strategy as 90% today’s internet is based on recycled content and unique approaches are scarce.

If you lack the qualities for producing a block buster article, but still have a solid understanding of your market, consider hiring a ghost writer to put your thoughts in print.

Lack inspiration or just want to exploit your existing work? Give it a thorough rewrite. This way you promote your writings to new readers and further enhance the site’s relevancy due to keyword variation. 구글광고대행

Without doubt article and press release directories still represent a good source of back links but the problem with them is that some take forever to get your content publicized and indexed by SEs.

With Blogs and theme related websites the process is accelerated, plus you enjoy a certain level of exclusivity as compared with ADs with thousands of active pen names and articles waiting in line to be promoted on the home page.

As a rule of thumb publish your content on websites with an Alexa ranking below 100.000 and at least toolbar PR 3, depending on your own. Another content marketing tip: see where big dogs of your industry publish content and appropriate their habits.

2. Free back links from testimonials

The beauty of testimonials is that they always come with a back link. If your counter part fails or refuses to do so, simply retract your approval.

Most of the time, testimonials are signs of mutual promotion between marketers that probably have a long history of doing business together.

All time, be sincere in your appraise because promoting junk products could hurt your credibility.

Just stick with products that you personally use.

3. Social Media Platforms and Hub Pages

A well balanced policy within the social bookmarking sites, namely a 1 to 4 ratio in bookmarking your own content will provide overtime a handful of quality free links.

The top social bookmarking platforms have strict rules regarding abusive behavior, but this benefits you in terms of fast indexing by search engines and link juice or authority as they’re well regarded by Google, Yahoo and MSN.

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